Solve Electroplating Wastewater Issues and Meet Discharge Compliance

Executive Summary

Metal plating wastewater treatment can be a complicated process where coagulants, flocculants, pH adjustments, settling tanks, and sludge handling are all used in an effort to meet discharge compliance.

The ElectraMet process eliminates the need for sludge handling and the long dwell times typically needed with settling tanks. This leads to a simpler process with a smaller footprint that can help increase wastewater treatment throughput and aid in overall increases in production efficiency.

ElectraMet’s tailored carbon electrode technology removes a variety of contaminants used in the plating industry including Cu (copper) and Cr (chromium). Dissolved Cu is directly removed as Cu metal or Cu oxide, while toxic Cr (VI) can easily be reduced to less hazardous Cr (III), which can be subsequently precipitated out as an oxide.

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