ElectraMet Selects DS Linetech as Sales Distribution Partner in Korea Focused on Dissolved Metal Extraction from Microelectronics Waste & Battery Recycling Process Waters

Lexington, KY — ElectraMet® just announced expansion in its global sales distributor network to meet the evolving needs of microelectronics and battery recycling customers within Korea’s established and growing manufacturing sectors. Increased compliance expectations, GHG reduction initiatives, and evolving purity needs for battery materials combine with DS Linetech’s expertise and footprint to aid the Korean industrial community with sustainable metal removal and recovery from process and waste streams.

DS Linetech, led by Hae-Dong Lee, has been selected as the sales and distribution partner to support the Korean market. The distribution agreement has been completed with DS Linetech serving as ElectraMet’s Korean sales distribution partner effective immediately.

DS Linetech supports Korean manufacturing with real-time analysis & factory automation solutions. They are known for high-quality service, various cutting-edge analysis technologies, thorough after-sales support, and the best products. DS Linetech’s agreement with ElectraMet solidifies their ability to help their customers diagnose, remove, and recover dissolved metals from process and waste streams to enhance operating margin and carbon (CO2) footprint.

ElectraMet’s, automated, advanced separations technology will help DS Linetech drive better outcomes for microelectronics and lithium-ion battery recyclers. ElectraMet technology executes onsite extraction & recovery of dissolved metals and directly impacts environmental social governance commitments by reducing scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Visit www.electramet.com or www.dslinetech.com to learn more.

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