You Handle the Finish
We’ll Handle the Wastewater.

ElectraMetTM is an ideal wastewater solution for electroplating, metal finishing, semi-conductor, and electronics manufacturing, and more. Whether you treat wastewater on-site or pay a third party to have it removed, ElectraMet can help you meet compliance requirements for less, while freeing up more time for you and your team to focus on your core business.


The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet™ is the proven solution for copper and chrome removal and recovery from industrial wastewater streams. ElectraMet simplifies the process at a lower cost, enabling you to meet or exceed discharge compliance.

Reliably Meeting Compliance

Legacy wastewater treatment processes come with high costs, are labor intensive, and harmful to the environment. Worst of all, many are often unreliable in achieving discharge compliance.

With ElectraMet, you get a consistent, reliable, and sustainable solution that meets discharge compliance, with operating costs as much as 90% lower. You’ll also receive 24/7/365 remote monitoring capabilities that give you added visibility and real-time notifications.

Reliably Meeting Compliance