Removing & Recovering Metal Impurities to Drive Purity & Compliance

ElectraMet’s evolved technology speciates and removes dissolved metals with onsite recovery for material purification industries (lithium-ion battery recycling, precision chemicals, etchant/slurry reuse, acid reuse, precious metal recovery) or industries with dissolved metal compliance challenges (microelectronics, CMP, defense, munitions, life sciences, high value metal manufacturing, etc.).

ElectraMet’s technology enables a circular economy and reduces the effective carbon footprint of your facility.


The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet has established itself as the premiere impurity removal & recovery solution for copper, manganese, and many other metals. ElectraMet’s automated system simplifies the process to assure delivery of your specified effluent in delivering purity levels or meeting evolving compliance requirements.

The Specification Delivery Specialists

Legacy wastewater treatment processes like ion-exchange and chemistry are labor intensive, intolerant to process upsets, and create secondary waste like sludge or concentrated backwash that must be treated and are not environmentally friendly. Worst of all, these processes lack process assurance and rework may be required to achieve specification for purity or discharge compliance.