Safeguard Regulatory Discharge Compliance With ElectraMet

Streamline your water treatment processes while meeting local and federal discharge regulations. ElectraMet’s selective metal recovery ensures compliance, reduces costs and protects your company and the environment.

How it Works

Water Analysis:

Prior to any commercial discussions, a sample is collected for analysis.  While ElectraMet technology is highly specific and effective at dissolved metal removal, various contaminants may impact removal efficiency and/or recoverability. The analysis serves as the basis for evaluation as a viable solution to your compliance challenges.

Selective Metal Removal:

ElectraMet technology uses voltage regulation to selectively target and remove metals to meet discharge limits. Each target metal can be reliably removed with a unique fingerprint of pH, voltage, and current. ElectraLink, a data aggregation and communication software,  enables real-time insight into metals removal with verification. Our automated system uses this constant data stream to assess and adjust treatment to assure specification delivery or discharge compliance.  

Process Assurance

ElectraMet is a convergence of established electrochemistry, material science, fluid engineering, and software.  This convergence produces a dynamically responding treatment cell that can adjust to changing feed conditions to remove metal species like copper and maintain compliance. Physical parameters like flow and pressure are combined with electrical attributes like voltage and amperage to assess and verify that the targeted metal is removed.  ElectraLink communicates this data on the instrument interface or on your integrated  BMS or SCADA system screens.

The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet offers an innovative and modular solution to address these challenges. Using an electrochemical process, ElectraMet’s automated system selectively targets and removes specific metals and impurities from the leachate. This cutting-edge technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing recycling processes, offering several key advantages:

Maximum Uptime

Streamlined Compliance:

ElectraMet's solution ensures seamless compliance with discharge regulations. By selectively removing hazardous materials, it significantly reduces the risk of regulatory issues.

Battery Grade Quality

Hazardous Material Removal:

Our technology excels in the efficient and selective removal of hazardous materials like lead and copper, enhancing safety and environmental responsibility.

Increased Yield

Efficient Water Recovery:

ElectraMet's process is designed for efficient water recovery, contributing to responsible resource management and minimizing environmental impact.

Maximum Uptime

Real-Time Monitoring:

Our system provides real-time monitoring and measurement, allowing defense facilities to maintain precise control over the treatment process.

Battery Grade Quality

Adaptive pH Control:

ElectraMet's technology is adaptable to a wide range of pH conditions, ensuring reliable performance under various circumstances.

Increased Yield

Reduced Chemical Dependency:

Our chemical-free process eliminates the need for chemical treatments, enhancing the overall sustainability and safety of defense industry wastewater treatment.

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Discharge Compliance FAQs

ElectraMet ensures compliance by selectively capturing and removing metals within its filter matrix.

Yes, ElectraMet effectively addresses various metals from cadmium to platinum.

ElectraMet eliminates the need for expensive chemical reductants and extreme pH adjustments.

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