Copper Removal & recovery for Defense Contractors

Innovative Water Treatment Technologies for Hazardous Materials and Compliance in High Technology and Munitions Defense Manufacturing 

How it Works

Removing Hazardous Waste

ElectraMet’s innovative solution effectively removes hazardous materials such as lead and copper from wastewater, addressing critical environmental and safety concerns associated with defense industry processes. By utilizing a selective electrochemical approach, ElectraMet ensures that hazardous elements are selectively targeted and removed, enhancing the overall safety and compliance of the wastewater treatment process.

Ammunition & Missile Guidance Waste Removal

One of the unique capabilities of ElectraMet’s technology is the ability to remove copper and lead from ammunition and missile guidance waste processes. This specific application is a testament to the adaptability and precision of our system, contributing to the sustainable management of defense industry byproducts. The process provides a reliable solution for the efficient extraction and recovery of copper from these waste streams, reducing environmental impact and supporting the recycling of valuable resources.

Enhanced Water Recovery

In addition to hazardous material removal, ElectraMet’s technology ensures a robust water recovery process. The system is designed to enable 100% water recovery, minimizing water-based waste and promoting efficient resource management. This feature adds to the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of defense industry operations, aligning with the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet offers an innovative and modular solution to address these challenges. Using an electrochemical process, ElectraMet’s automated system selectively targets and removes specific metals and impurities from the leachate. This cutting-edge technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing recycling processes, offering several key advantages:

Battery Grade Quality

Compliance Assurance

ElectraMet contracts to deliver specification, providing discharge compliance assurance for its customers.

Impurity Removal (2)

Hazardous Material Removal:

Our technology excels in the efficient and selective removal of hazardous materials like lead and copper, enhancing safety and environmental responsibility.

Increased Yield

Economic Impact

ElectraMet's recovered copper is 99.9% pure, enabling a new revenue stream for customers.

Automated Process

Automated Operations

ElectraMet's automation minimizes labor requirements and ensures consistent, trouble-free operations.

Chemical-Free Process

Chemical-Free Technology

Our chemical-free solution eliminates concentrated waste and sludge hauling to improve scope 3 GHG emissions.

Maximum Uptime

Process Efficiency

ElectraMet's scalability enables customer production changes without production bottlenecks.

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Defense FAQs

ElectraMet can operate within flexible pH regions, our technology can treat at both high and low pH as long as the metal is soluble.

The ElectraMet technology receives feedback from the electrical signal sent to our cartridges which can be matched to the removal rate without requiring a downstream metal analyzer.

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