The Future of Water Treatment

Our vision is to apply advanced carbon electrode technologies to deliver clean water in a sustainable manner at a lower cost and to solve some of the challenges related to the water-energy-food nexus.

Cleantech Water Treatment Solutions

ElectraMet™ from PowerTech Water harnesses the power of advanced chemical free carbon electrode technology to go beyond traditional water treatment solutions and deliver clean water affordably and effectively with an environmentally responsible, cost-efficient and easy to use platform.

Using innovative carbon materials and electrochemistry, we’ve developed a proven, disruptive, targeted, and sustainable water purification technology platform to treat and purify industrial wastewaters with an initial focus on removal of heavy metals such as chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), and Cobalt (Co).

Our powerful, patent-pending technologies are highly energy efficient and require no chemicals or membranes for increased productivity. ElectraMet eliminates sludge byproducts and can reduce OpEx up to 95%. ElectraMet units also reduce CapEx and OpEx with their small footprint and sustainable operation.

Proven Technology

ElectraMet is engineered specifically to remove heavy metals from wastewater, featuring over 99% selectivity for heavy metals, such as chrome (Cr) or copper (Cu). With its low energy requirements, no sludge by-product, no need for chemicals, and a small footprint that can be quickly and easily scaled up to meet higher capacity requirements, ElectraMet represents one of the most exciting developments in industrial process and wastewater treatment available today.

International Recognition

Since our founding in 2014, PowerTech Water’s technological achievements have continued to receive tremendous international recognition. We have received numerous awards and accolades, including the CleanTech Open Water AwardCleanTech Open Best Business Model Award, and 2018 BlueTech China Most Innovative Technology Award. We are also a member of the prestigious 2019 Imagine H2O Cohort  and have received awards from  the Pipeline H2O water technology accelerator.