Eliminating Impurities to Optimize Compliance & Material Purification

Transforming Circularity With Innovation & Resilience

ElectraMet designs and delivers systems to remove metals and oxidants from water streams to establish process controls for compliance risk mitigation, increased profit margin, and refining product purity. ElectraMet’s system portfolio is acquired and implemented by customers to address specific challenges in manufacturing waters requiring impurity removal to improve process reliability, increase product quality, enable water reuse, and/or assure discharge compliance. Unlike traditional water treatment, ElectraMet systems deliver the defined customer specification while producing no secondary waste or byproducts that upset downstream processes or product quality. Additionally, most metal impurities can be recovered and sold to recyclers at a profit to offset treatment costs and minimize carbon dioxide emissions. Through this recovery process, a documentable and defendable sustainability impact is realized. Step into the future with ElectraMet and transform circularity at your site today.

Alpha | Discharge Compliance

Navigate regulatory compliance with ease: The Alpha System is purpose-built to assess and remove dissolved metals from your waste streams, providing unrivaled assurance and efficiency in achieving discharge compliance. Alpha systems are deployed to turn waste treatment programs into waste ownership programs, enabling absolute operator ownership of the metals removal process through real-time analytics and immediate corrective actions for upstream upsets. Ideal for microelectronics and a broad range of industries, this system is the epitome of reliability and efficiency, safeguarding your business against unpredictable manufacturing & regulatory changes. Dive deeper into how Alpha can fortify your compliance strategy and enable absolute ownership over metals removal at your site.

Phi | Product & Process Purification

Elevate product purity & finished product value: The Phi System is a revolution in product purification using established science. Developed for critical applications such as lithium-ion battery recycling and metal impurity recovery from process streams, Phi systems are deployed to deliver higher specification removal and purification with single-pass efficiency. Transitioning from technical grade to battery grade materials, recovery of valuable metals from process streams, and refinement of chemical baths and materials are all possible with Phi. The Phi was developed to take your business to the next level. Discover the latest technology for enhancing product quality, extending lifecycle, and reducing waste.

Delta | Reinvigorate & Optimize Onsite Treatment

Drive efficiency into your old systems today: Traditional metals removal technology like ion-exchange, chemical precipitation, solvent exchange, and electrowinning all have substantial treatment efficiency gaps where the amount of work being executed is diminished based on flow or metals concentration. Delta systems allow customers to efficiently transition across established shortcomings by bridging the gaps with existing technology to enable a highly efficient and cost-effective overall treatment strategy. Delta systems are inserted between incumbent electrowinning and ion-exchange systems to reduce energy usage and ion-exchange lifespan between backwash or replacement for single-use resins. Delta systems also serve to remove bulk metals prior to solvent exchange or chemical precipitation due to treatment inefficiencies at higher concentrations. Designed to support all industrial applications, Delta adapts to your unique challenges, injecting operational efficiency and risk mitigation into your existing treatment program. Uncover how Delta can streamline your transition to excellence.

Gamma | Advanced Oxidant Decomposition

Abatement of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, chlorine, and chloramines has never been more critical to protect assets and enable water reuse. The Gamma system offers an unrivaled solution for the abatement of oxidants from wastewater and is a critical technology for microelectronics. ElectraMet deploys Gamma systems to reduce peroxides and other oxidants with demonstrated effectiveness up to 80 g/L and down to ppb levels. Gamma systems process peroxides and ozone into oxygen and/or water with no other byproducts to pollute or foul downstream processes. Gamma systems process chlorine and chloramine into chlorides that can be easily removed by membrane technology. With Gamma, you protect your process and the planet, reducing your environmental footprint while enhancing safety and compliance. Discover how the Gamma system can lead to better outcomes at your facility.

Omega | Advanced Metals Recovery Systems

Recover a competitive edge: The Omega System executes bulk removal for concentrated streams while serving as the recovery solution for the Alpha, Phi, and Delta Systems.  Omega systems are deployed in mining applications to optimize existing electrowinning solutions while executing bulk copper removal and recovery in microelectronics. Tailings and metals-laden wastewater becomes an opportunity for cost reduction over your existing removal and recovery system while increasing your sustainability score with documentable contribution.  Omega systems advanced electrowinning technology to enable efficient recovery and removal of the targeted metal while eliminating traditional failure mechanisms linked to over-heating and maintenance. Turn your challenges into advantages by learning how Omega can transform circularity at your site.

Iota | Lab Scale Deployment for Onsite Evaluation

Sustainability & ESG

Accountable Innovation: We ensure that all processes minimize environmental impact and enable a circular economy.  Through intelligent design, managing treatment byproducts, and enabling onsite recovery, we reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Social Responsibility: We are dedicated to improving quality of life by purifying water sources and recycling recovered metals, ensuring safe water for communities worldwide and reducing the need for mining. ElectraMet’s systems help mitigate health risks associated with metal and chemical contamination, protecting ecosystems and human health alike.

Governance and Integrity: ElectraMet ensures transparency, ethics, and contribution to economic and social development. Our systems help industries meet regulatory compliance effortlessly, avoiding environmental penalties and fostering trust among stakeholders.


Comparison with Traditional Methods

Drawbacks of Traditional Methods

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange has high operational costs, limited selectivity that can impact yield and/or require excessive backwashing, secondary waste generation, large space requirements, complex maintenance, lack of real-time process assurance, failure induced by changes in flow or concentration 

Chemical Coagulation

Chemical coagulation over-feed leads to excess cost/waste, sludge disposal required leading to hazardous transport and landfill deposit, large space requirements, complex maintenance, lack of real-time process assurance, failure induced by changes in flow or concentration

Membrane Filtration

Fouling and scaling leads to slower flow rates and increased maintenance, high energy consumption, limited removal, questionable membrane longevity

ElectraMet Advantages

Targeted Metal Removal

Target and remove specific metal from your waste stream without impacting contaminants. Extract valuable precious earth metals at <99% purity such as copper to enable new revenue streams. Mitigate treatment costs and take advantage of regenerative cartridges.


We are transforming circularity by simultaneously recovering metals and destroying oxidants. These byproducts are harmful to the environment and subsequently require offsite hauling and disposal, much like traditional treatment methods.

Proven Results

We focus on empowering customers to become the best in class at what they do. This includes meeting goals around revenue, operations, as well as sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Copper, Manganese, Silver, Cadmium, PGMs, others.

ElectraMet can recover metals at any concentration. Deployments have treated metals up to 200 g/L in solution.

ElectraMet distinguishes itself in industrial wastewater treatment through its innovative approach, advanced technologies, and commitment to sustainability. Unlike traditional methods, ElectraMet contracts to deliver specifications for its customers rather than “sell and move on”. ElectraMet focuses on selective metal recovery, utilizing modular and automated systems to extract metal impurities from production and wastewater streams. This selective approach ensures precise extraction, maximizes resource utilization, minimizes waste generation, and introduces the metals back into the economy, aligning with circular economy and sustainability principles.

Each system type incorporates similar technology with varied targets and/or concentration ranges. The system approach enables higher efficiency and specificity for the application type.

ElectraMet selectively removes/recovers metal impurities and/or destroys oxidants used for cleaning components and products. Utilizing modular and automated systems, our customers extract impurities from process and waste streams, often yielding value through recycled material. This selective approach ensures specification delivery while optimizing resource utilization, minimizing waste generation and associated labor or maintenance, and enabling circularity via metal recycling.

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