ElectraMet's Copper Removal from Wastewater for Medical Manufacturers

Streamlining Medical Device Manufacturing Waste Treatment & Compliance  

How it Works

Effortless Copper Removal

ElectraMet specializes in the removal of copper (and other dissolved metals) from wastewater in the medical manufacturing industry. Unlike conventional methods that generate sludge or require secondary treatment, ElectraMet offers a chemical -free solution that removes metals without generating waste byproducts that require hauling or further treatment. By employing advanced electrochemical technology and automation, contaminants are removed without the need for additional treatments.  ElectraMet improves site sustainability by reducing scope 3 emissions for your metal removal program. 

Discharge Assurance

Our innovative, automated process is highly adaptable for copper and other metal removal from medical wastewater applications. Real-time monitoring with dynamic response ensures process awareness and compliance assurance.  

Reducing GHG Scope 3 Emissions

ElectraMet opens the door to water reuse by removing the metal contaminant without introducing treatment byproducts like ion-exchange and chemical precipitation.   Additional reductions for inbound and outbound hauling provide a documentable and defendable scope 3 reduction.  

The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet offers an innovative and modular solution to address these challenges. Using an electrochemical process, ElectraMet’s automated system selectively targets and removes specific metals and impurities from the leachate. This cutting-edge technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing recycling processes, offering several key advantages:

Maximum Uptime

Process Efficiency

ElectraMet's scalability enables customer production changes without production bottlenecks.

Battery Grade Quality

Compliance Assurance

ElectraMet contracts to deliver specification, providing discharge compliance assurance for its customers.

Increased Yield

Economic Impact

ElectraMet's recovered copper is 99.9% pure, enabling a new revenue stream for customers.

Automated Process

Automated Operations

ElectraMet's automation minimizes labor requirements and ensures consistent, trouble-free operations.

Chemical-Free Process

Chemical-Free Technology

Our chemical-free solution eliminates concentrated waste and sludge hauling to improve scope 3 GHG emissions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Analytics & Telemetry

Real-time data and diagnostics automate copper removal and recovery to liberate staff and assure process.

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Medical Devices FAQs

No, ElectraMet adds no ions back into solution, allowing for simpler downstream reuse or discharge

Yes, ElectraMet can be used in high purity applications. Materials of construction might be able to be modified to suit customer requirements for high purity applications.

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