Optimizing Mine Profitability and Carbon Footprint

Efficient Copper Removal and Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Applications

How it Works

Automated Copper Removal:

ElectraMet’s innovative technology employs a highly automated process to remove copper from slurry or bulk solvent extraction processes. This is achieved without the generation of sludge, a common issue with traditional methods. The system carefully monitors and measures the removal efficiency in real time, ensuring compliance with discharge regulations and minimizing the need for labor-intensive procedures and costly chemical treatments.

Sustainable Water Management:

Once the copper has been effectively removed, mining facilities can benefit from sustainable water management practices. ElectraMet’s solutions support safe and effective water discharge or water reuse, contributing to a more environmentally responsible and cost-efficient approach to mining operations. This complete water treatment solution aligns with industry standards while minimizing environmental impact.

The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet offers an innovative and modular solution to address these challenges. Using an electrochemical process, ElectraMet’s automated system selectively targets and removes specific metals and impurities from the leachate. This cutting-edge technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing recycling processes, offering several key advantages:

Maximum Uptime

Process Efficiency

ElectraMet's scalability enables customer production changes without production bottlenecks.

Increased Yield

Economic Impact

ElectraMet's recovered copper is 99.9% pure, enabling a new revenue stream for customers.

Increased Yield

Adaptability to High-Volume Applications:

ElectraMet's solutions are adaptable to high-volume applications, making them suitable for various mining scenarios. ElectraMet can be effectively sized to meet specific streams typical with copper mining.

Automated Process

Automated Operations

ElectraMet's automation minimizes labor requirements and ensures consistent, trouble-free operations.

Chemical-Free Process

Chemical-Free Technology

Our chemical-free solution eliminates concentrated waste and sludge hauling to improve scope 3 GHG emissions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Analytics & Telemetry

Real-time data and diagnostics automate copper removal and recovery to liberate staff and assure process.

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Mining FAQs

Yes, ElectraMet can be sized for higher volume applications. These applications are typically at lower concentrations (<100 ppm) but are sometimes higher concentration for use within copper mining.

ElectraMet typically recommends some solids removal prior to the process to prevent blinding the cartridge surface. Several pre-filtration methods have been employed including cartridge/bag filtration and ultrafiltration.

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