Recover Valuable Metals with ElectraMet

Unlock the value of your waste streams by selectively removing and recovering a wide range of metals. 

How it Works

Targeted Removal:

ElectraMet technology incorporates varied cartridge types to remove specific metals at varied concentrations from highly concentrated (>200 g/L) to discharge compliance or impurity removal specifications (<1 mg/L). Using material science and electrochemical controls, ElectraMet can target and remove a specific metal from a process or waste stream without impacting the other contaminants. This is especially valuable in removing copper and manganese from EV battery recycling streams, removing contaminant metals from plating baths, and many other applications.

Cartridge Reuse & Regeneration

Once the metals accumulate on the collection of ElectraMet cartridges, the cartridge regenerates using an acidic solution where it is maintained until it is recovered as tube, powder, or concentrated salt. The metal recovered as a tube or powder is >99% pure and attains optimal recycle value. The value of this metal serves as a new revenue stream and offsets a portion of treatment costs to positively impact the treatment budget.



Traditional electrowinning is inefficient and has multiple failure mechanisms. ElectraMet’s R-series cartridge recovers the concentrated aqueous metal back into a solid form as a plate or metal powder depending on the metal. For plateable metals, tube plates are easily removed as 3 – 15 kg tubes. ElectraMet uses a reusable shim to lower operating costs while innovative design to eliminate failure mechanisms in traditional electrowinning. Finally, ElectraMet’s internal studies have shown 1.7x efficiency versus traditional electrowinning at high Cu2+ concentrations (3 g/L to 200 g/L).

The ElectraMet Solution

ElectraMet offers an innovative and modular solution to address these challenges. Using an electrochemical process, ElectraMet’s automated system selectively targets and removes specific metals and impurities from the leachate. This cutting-edge technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing recycling processes, offering several key advantages:

Maximum Uptime

Streamlined Compliance:

ElectraMet's solution ensures seamless compliance with discharge regulations. By selectively removing hazardous materials, it significantly reduces the risk of regulatory issues.

Battery Grade Quality

Hazardous Material Removal:

Our technology excels in the efficient and selective removal of hazardous materials like lead and copper, enhancing safety and environmental responsibility.

Increased Yield

Efficient Water Recovery:

ElectraMet's process is designed for efficient water recovery, contributing to responsible resource management and minimizing environmental impact.

Maximum Uptime

Real-Time Monitoring:

Our system provides real-time monitoring and measurement, allowing defense facilities to maintain precise control over the treatment process.

Battery Grade Quality

Adaptive pH Control:

ElectraMet's technology is adaptable to a wide range of pH conditions, ensuring reliable performance under various circumstances.

Increased Yield

Reduced Chemical Dependency:

Our chemical-free process eliminates the need for chemical treatments, enhancing the overall sustainability and safety of defense industry wastewater treatment.

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Selective Metal Removal FAQs

ElectraMet’s stable matrix captures and recovers metals like Cu, Ag, and Mn effectively.

Yes, ElectraMet addresses metals like cadmium, cobalt, gold, and more.

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