The AABC 2023 conference recently brought together a diverse group of experts and companies to discuss the intricate world of batteries and recycling. ElectraMet proudly sponsored this event, not only to support the cause but also to gain valuable insights from other industry leaders.

The conference was a melting pot of perspectives, with attendees ranging from academics deeply immersed in research to businesses eager to translate that research into tangible products. Amidst the myriad of topics discussed, a central theme emerged – the challenge of turning academic knowledge into real-world solutions.

Battery recycling drew most of the attendee’s attention, which placed a specific focus on the complexities and realization of recycling both LFP and NMC batteries. These discussions highlighted both the inherent challenges and the considerable benefits associated with each battery type.

The key commercial focus was the value delivery of the achieving pCAM specification balanced against impurity removal to enable the achievement of that standard. Maximizing yield was also identified as critical to ensuring commercial viability, which fits nicely into ElectraMet’s capabilities. While recyclers are refining flow sheets including impurity removal, they are moving from metal salt production to MHP to increase revenue and operating margin while they work towards delivering pCAM specifications consistently and economically,

ElectraMet distinguishes itself in the field of battery recycling by employing a targeted impurity removal technology that eliminates rework and waste byproducts while also maximizing yield.

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