Affordable Compliance Case Study

ElectraMet replaces a legacy Reverse Osmosis system to treat lead-contaminated stormwater, surpassing discharge limits and lowering cost of treatment by more than 80 percent.

Project Background

  • ElectraMet™ water systems were installed to treat stormwater runoff containing dissolved lead (Pb) to meet discharge regulation compliance (<15 ppb lead) during demolition of the Osram Sylvana Plant in Versailles, KY.
  • The Osram Sylvania site was using reverse osmosis (RO) to treat stormwater, but ineffective water recovery, RO system maintenance, and waste disposal became cost-prohibitive due to the complexity of the runoff water.
  • The ElectraMet™ process selectively removes lead (Pb) and met discharge regulatory requirements for stormwater runoff for all other metals.
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