Responding to Evolving ESG Regulations and Guidelines: Strategic Actions for Facility Managers in Malaysia

As a facility manager in Malaysia’s microelectronics manufacturing sector, you’re facing evolving ESG regulations and a global copper deficit. Here’s what you need to know and how to respond effectively.

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

1. Malaysian ESG Framework (2023):

The Malaysian government announced the launch of an ESG framework to support SMEs in transitioning to renewable energy and meeting ESG compliance requirements. This initiative recognizes the importance of ESG compliance for access to export markets and aims to facilitate capacity building and funding support for businesses.

2. Existing ESG Commitments:

Malaysia has committed to several climate pledges, including achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and expanding its renewable energy capacity. Companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange are already integrating ESG practices and reporting.

3. Corporate Governance:

The Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance emphasizes the role of boards and senior management in addressing sustainability risks and opportunities. Additionally, the Bursa Malaysia’s sustainability roadmap and the FTSE4Good Index promote transparent ESG practices among publicly traded companies.

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