What is ElectraLink – A Modern Approach to Waste Treatment

In the realm of industrial water treatment, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. Ensuring your systems operate at peak efficiency, complying with environmental discharge regulations, and avoiding costly downtime are top priorities. ElectraLink™ provides the next step in process assurance and enables operations to focus on its highest priorities.

Real-Time Monitoring for Peak Performance

ElectraLink™ compiles and communicates critical data to operators when they need it to understand the changing dynamics of upstream processes.  Insights gained through real-time monitoring permit operations to make timely decisions on whether investigations are needed, prioritizing workflow and resources. This cutting-edge technology enables remote, ElectraMet engineering support to aid in troubleshooting and ensure optimal removal & recovery efficiencies.

Remote Diagnostics: ElectraLink™ enables onsite and remote diagnostics, allowing engineers to observe and address issues before they become problems. Condition-based monitoring of the metal concentration and physical data ensures dynamic system adjustment to variability in manufacturing streams.  The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it. Notifications are staged through your BMS or directly from ElectraLink to provide real-time alerts to unexpected changes in dissolved metal concentrations and other parameters so that operations can triage, assess, and address. ElectraLink prevents breakthrough events for both impurity removal and discharge compliance.

Daily System Reports: With daily system reports, you receive comprehensive insights into the performance of your water treatment systems. ElectraLink™ tracks historical trends and changes in the water treatment process, providing a valuable overview of your operations. 

Protecting Against Upset Conditions

One of the critical features of ElectraLink™ is its ability to track impactful parameters in real-time. These parameters include monitoring of alarm codes, tank levels, pressure drops, valve positions, pH levels, and the condition of ElectraMet cartridges. Actively monitoring these process conditions serves as a safeguard against potential upset conditions that could lead to:

  • Tank overflows: By keeping a close watch on tank levels, ElectraLink™ prevents overflows that could result in environmental damage and costly cleanup.
  • Inadequate water treatment: Monitoring pH levels, valve positions, and more allows us to ensure that your water is treated effectively, avoiding impurity issues.
  • Flow-limiting pressure conditions: Real-time tracking of pressure drops helps prevent conditions that could restrict the flow, leading to operational inefficiencies.

Adaptable Automation for Custom Solutions

ElectraLink™ offers the advantage of increased automation and customization to address your site’s top priorities. The data it collects helps in automating water treatment processes, and its user-friendly interface can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. Whether you require a simple or advanced solution, ElectraLink™ is adaptable, putting you in control.

ElectraLink™ actively monitors the current used on ElectraMet cartridges which directly correlates to the metal concentration of the targeted impurity. When significant changes are detected in the current/concentration automation adjusts process conditions likeflow or flow path to ensure removal. This adaptability ensures effluent concentrations remain stable and consistent effluent stream is produced.


Selective Metal Recovery: A Sustainable Approach

ElectraLink™ plays a pivotal role in achieving selective metal recovery, an essential element in sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment. ElectraMet’s technology can handle a wide range and concentrations for speciated  metal removal and recovery such as copper, manganese, and silver.

The technologies developed by ElectraMet are integral to this process. They are capable of handling concentrations exceeding 10,000 ppm and reducing them to levels as low as 0.2 ppm, offering a sustainable solution for industries including semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, stainless steel production, medical devices, and more.

Eliminating Waste and Ensuring Compliance

ElectraMet goes beyond eliminating chemical waste. It focuses on recycling process solutions and producing pure, recyclable metals. By reducing the need for chemical precipitation, ElectraMet minimizes sludge production, associated labor, and chemical costs.

Moreover, ElectraMet ensures compliance with local, state, and federal discharge limitations, offering a transparent and data-driven approach. From in-house water testing and analysis to pilot demonstrations, ElectraMet maintains a commitment to reliability and complete customer satisfaction.

Automation for Streamlined Processes

Automation is at the core of ElectraLink™, streamlining processes and improving operational efficiency. ElectraLink™ provides a real-time data visualization, providing operational insight and promoting informed operational decisions.

It comes equipped with a range of sensors, including level sensors, pH/ORP sensors, chemical analyzers, and more. These sensors enable automated actions such as alarms, pump activation/deactivation, flow rate adjustments, and changes in flow paths. This level of automation enhances operational efficiency and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Data-Driven Improvement

At ElectraMet, data fuels the drive to improve processes and prevent interruptions. Data systems are uploaded to the cloud and displayed digitally, providing real-time data displays. This enables customizable user-interface of ElectraLink’s data management software that offers remote monitoring capabilities and powerful data analytic tools.

Moreover, ElectraMet’s recipe system allows for total customization of the process with the press of a button. It can be rapidly modified to adjust to operator needs, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to changing operational requirements.

The Future of Wastewater Treatment

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, ElectraMet stands at the forefront of a more responsible approach to industrial process water and wastewater treatment. Not only do ElectraMet cartridges reduce waste, they also recover valuable metals, turning them into a resource rather than a disposal problem. When paired with ElectraLink(R),  automation, customization, and real-time monitoring, businesses are enabled to meet their compliance goals while contributing to a sustainable future.

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