Join Taiyo America and ElectraMet at APEX 2023

ElectraMet is privileged to join Taiyo America, Inc. at APEX 2023 at booth #521. Come learn how you can elevate your copper waste treatment. Eliminate chemistry & sludge. Recover your copper. Optimize your process through automation. Register today to join us.

ElectraMet’s technology is based on advanced carbon electrodes for the selective removal of metal ions. Not to be confused with other electrochemical processes, such as electrocoagulation or electrodeionization (EDI), ElectraMet is extremely selective, surgically targeting single metal ions like copper (Cu), hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI) or hex chrome), lead (Pb), and silver (Ag), is chemical-free, produces no sludge, and uses very little power. Other electrochemical technologies typically use kilowatts (KW) or megawatts (MW) of power, while ElectraMet cells use less power than a lightbulb. Our systems are also fully automated, saving customers the time and labor required to maintain more traditional wastewater treatment methods. 

The future of wastewater treatment is trending towards sustainability. Making the switch to ElectraMet can guarantee your process is future proofed against stricter discharge regulations. In addition to targeting metals removal with extreme accuracy, we can also concentrate metals for recovery in the form of a pure metal sheet, ready to return to the economy. ElectraMet can reclaim and recycle valuable metals from your wastewater streams, ready to be reused in your manufacturing process or sold as another revenue source.

ElectraMet is ready to help improve your process! Speak with a member of our team, today.

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