ElectraMet selects SepMetal Technologies Limited as sales distributor focused on precious metal removal & recovery in SEA & EU

Lexington, KY — ElectraMet just announced an expansion in its global distributor network to meet the evolving needs of its customers to more efficiently recover precious metals from process baths and waste waters.
SepMetal Technologies Limited, led by Simon Woolf, has been selected as the sales and distribution partner to support Southeast Asia & Europe’s precious metal recovery markets.

Mike Lewis, ElectraMet VP of Sales & Marketing shared “Simon’s team has supplied and supported precious metals usage across various industries in SE Asia and Europe for several decades. SepMetal understands the exacting requirements of the precious metals industry and has the relationships and capability to aid ElectraMet in implementing its reliable and cost-effective precious metal removal and recovery technology.”

ElectraMet’s disruptive technology directly impacts environmental social governance commitments by reducing scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through eliminating inbound/outbound hauling of chemistry, resins, concentrated hazardous liquids, and concentrated hazardous sludge. Further impact is realized through electrical and operational efficiencies while boosting circularity, the reintroduction of metals back into the economy without mining.

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