Easy, Customer Friendly
ElectraMetâ„¢ Approach

Chemical and Sludge-Free

Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater and Process Water.

You face costly systems and resource intensive processes to remove lead and heavy metals from your wastewater and process water. ElectraMet from PowerTech Water reduces dependence on capital intensive systems, eliminates sludge, is chemical free, requires minimal CapEx and greatly lowers OpEx cost. ElectraMet works with you to understand your water treatment needs and design the right system that minimizes risk and delivers the greatest value.

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Lease an ElectraMet Pilot Unit

Our modular Pilot Unit will allow you to quickly and cost effectively prove performance without interrupting your existing infrastructure. All Pilot Units use the same process, materials, and automation & controls as our full-scale ElectraMet systems allowing customers to build operator familiarity.

Customer Responsibility: Nominal down payment (typically $2000), plus monthly lease
ElectraMet Deliverable: Up to 10 gpm ElectraMet modular system lease for up to 2 months

Lease a Pilot Unit

Purchase a Complete Modular ElectraMet System

Our ElectraMet systems are standardized for cost effective and quality assured production. Our modular nature allows for simple modification to meet your specific needs. Flexible sale and lease options are available.

Customer Responsibility: 50% down payment & 50% upon customer acceptance
ElectraMet Deliverable: System delivery, installation, & commissioning

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