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Project Background

Osram Sylvania Meets Affordable Compliance with ElectraMet™

“ We were in a difficult position on this project. The RO membranes were fouling too quickly and hauling that much water off-site would have been too expensive. The ElectraMet team delivered their solution in a week at a fraction of the cost of our other options. I intend to use them in the future for all my heavy metal treatment needs.”


The Versailles, KY construction site generated approximately 160,000 gallons of stormwater runoff that contained elevated levels of lead (Pb) contamination. The stormwater was stored in temporary storage containers for processing. Local stormwater regulations dictated a discharge limit of <15 ppb Pb, and the client further imposed an internal limit of 10 ppb to ensure compliance.

The RO membranes initially used were quickly fouled and needed replacement, due to the high amount of total dissolved solids (TDS), and higher than expected lead concentration (>150 ppb) in the stored wastewater. Total costs for operating the RO system through the life of the project would have been cost-prohibitive, in excess of $100,000. Contracting for offsite disposal was also found to be cost-prohibitive, many times more than the aforementioned onsite treatment.

ElectraMet Process
With the ElectraMet process in place the need for long-term holding tanks has been eliminated. ElectraMet is able to treat water much faster and more economically than most other solutions with nearly 100% water recovery.

Solution: The ElectraMet™ System

SystemOsram Sylvania, KarSare, and the ElectraMet™ team worked quickly to deliver a fully automated 7 gpm ElectraMet system to replace the existing RO system in just one week. Over the course of the project, the system treated 160,000 gallons of stormwater runoff meeting all stormwater discharge requirements.

With ElectraMet, Osram Sylvania and KarSare were able to:


ElectraMet has been proven to remove…

For additional inorganic and organic compounds, please inquire.

Installed ElectraMet electrochemical water purification system.
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