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Newsletter | Issue 1 | February 2021

Toyota Motor headlined our 2020 with a major installation. In spite of the challenges of traveling and doing business under lockdown, PowerTech Water recorded landmark growth and completed a move to a new facility, expanding our manufacturing and project engineering capacity to meet growing demand. We are happy to share some of the highlights in the first edition of our newsletter.

Cameron Lippert, Founder & CEO

Toyota and ElectraMet are Working Together to Save Water

PowerTech Water has installed a full-scale system at Toyota’s Georgetown, KY facility to treat rinse water from their paint line. The installation has been running successfully for 9 months and is reducing and reusing millions of gallons of water per year. Our water treatment solution was even recognized as “process innovation of the year” helping Toyota (Georgetown) toward the goal of total water reuse in the plant. Together we are minimizing and optimizing water usage to meet the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 of developing a more sustainable society.

ElectraMet Brings Wastewater Treatment into The Modern Age

Learn how ElectraMet can deliver a targeted solution to battery manufacturers and recyclers.

Patents Issued in the US and China

PowerTech Water is excited to announce the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,793,450 and Chinese Patent No. ZL201680008412, which cover electrode surface modifications that make our membrane-free capacitive deionization devices more stable. This means our system does not scale, yielding reduced operational costs and maintenance requirements!

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